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Big Little Science Centre Society
Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Satuday Nov 10th at 5:15 PM in the The Dunes at Kamloops 652 Dunes Drive Kamloops, BC V2B 8M8

AGM Agenda

Hello BIG Little Science Centre Members

The BIG Little Science Centre Society Annual General meeting (AGM) is coming up on Satuday Novemebr 10th 2018 at 5:15 PM at The Dunes at Kamloops 652 Dunes Drive Kamloops, BC V2B 8M8. As a member of the Society this is your opportunity to determine the makeup of the Board of Directors and the Executive of the Society. These are the persons that determine the direction and future of the BIG Little Science Centre. Aside from having a say in the above, we also need to show potential supporters that there is a mandate from the membership of the Society. To assist with this, all we need is for you to come to the AGM which would be about ½ hour of your time. Each family membership only requires one person to attend the AGM.

Also, if you or someone you know wishes to become an active Director in the Society please contact me before Oct 26th 2018 with the following information about the nominee: name, age, address, telephone, email address, the present principal occupation or employment of the person and the principal occupation or employment for at least the five years preceding the date of the Notice of Nominee; and a description by the person being nominated of why they believe they would be a welcome addition to the board, including, if applicable, a brief description of any experience with charities or board of directors of not-for profit organizations they may have. If you have questions please contact me, Gord Stewart. Phone Number: 1 250 554 2572.

Thank you for considering coming to the AGM and helping to maintain and grow the Society.

We are holding a fundraising dinner "Get Your Geek On" at the Dunes at Kamloops 652 Dunes Drive Kamloops the same evening as the AGM. You do NOT have to attend the fundraiser to be at the AGM, but please feel free to also take the opportunity to have a meal and support the BIG little Science Centre at the same time. More details about the fundraising dinner are availabe here.

Have a great day

Gord Stewart
Executive Director
BIG Little Science Centre Society

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