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Book a class visit to the BIG Little Science Centre

Classroom Booking Information

A visit to the BIG little Science Centre has most value when...
Teachers prepare their classes to look for something specific, or give them a definite task to complete while they visit. Unprepared students tend to 'flit about' the displays, learning very little about any of them. It is more valuable to visitors if they take their time and examine a few displays closely, with some sort of goal in mind.

Teachers assume responsibility for class management: Teachers know students by name, and can immediately get the attention of the odd individual who is treating equipment too roughly, or disturbing other students.
Parents are actively involved in trying the displays and working with their group of passengers. The most enjoyable visits are those where parents and children are actively exploring the displays together.

Please remind students that they must not run around the science centre. Some of the displays are easily damaged by rough handling, and that means the next visiting group may not be able to enjoy them.

How to arrange a visit to the BIG Little Science Centre:

Phone Gord Stewart at 250 554 BLSC (2572) or email him at

The information needed to book a visit:

  • your name
  • your school
  • grade level(s)
  • number of visitors
  • tentative dates and times you wish to visit
  • the show or lab you are interested in
  •  a phone number or E-Mail where you can be reached, as well as a 'best time' to contact you.

NOTE: Not all shows or labs will be available at all times.


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We will Reopen Fall 2019


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