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The BIG Little Science Centre Hands-on RoomLevetation

In our 'hands-on' room, there are over 140 stations, where visitors of all ages can 'play' and 'explore'. Some very young people do not go beyond the 'play' stage, but there are many who ask "Why does this happen?" or "How does this work?" Adult volunteer demonstrators and staff attempt to answer questions like this at a level appropriate for the maturity of the individual. Sometimes 'the answer' must be left for another time. Our purpose is not primarily to 'fill guests' heads with facts', but rather to arouse curiosity.

Can he do itTypically, a visiting group will spend 15 to 45 minutes in the 'hands-on' room, then proceed to one of our three teaching/demonstration areas. There, they enjoy a 30 to 45-minute presentation on one of several topics.

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Photos courtesy of Gordon R. Gore.

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