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Some Interesting Web Sites

"Special Places", Science Supplies, Web Content, Other Science Centres, Misc.

Special Places

Bert Edwards Science and Technology School (BEST)

Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of British Columbia - ASTTBC

Tourism Kamloops

Kamloops Parents .com

Science World

In Kamloops .ca

Web Content The Microbiology Information Portal. Lots of info and Microbiology Resources.

A Home Guide to Kitchen Science Experiments - a page of links to " experiment resources online that are designed especially for kids. Most of them involve basic household materials or ingredients. Suggested by Sam's' Granddaughter Jamie.

Site with Science Experiments you can do around the home Here - Suggested by Sara and Liam Barnes

Some fun science experiments related to cars and motion here - Suggested by Dakota Lowe - The BBC's Rough Science program - Canadian Geographic Atlas online, Geographic information on Canada - Understanding Evolution. Your one-stop source of information on evolution - The Hubble Space telescope web site, containing tons of information and images of space - Libraries of space images. This web site has many “awesome pictures”! Discovery Channel Canada. - This is the web site for the Institute of Physics. Clicking on “Education” leads to a vast amount of physics-related information and resources for students, parents and teachers - Lots of online science content, plus free content downloads with registration. - Resources for Science Classes

A link to some interesting teaching resources The Ultimate Teacher Resource Guide

A link to some interesting information on telelscopes Telescopes for Kids Resource Guide Suggested by The Brenham Community Center, Texas Everything you need to know about aerospace and aeronautical engineering!

What is Aerospace Engineering? Aerospace engineers work to design and create things that fly, like spacecraft, airplanes, and satellites.

How to become an Aerospace Engineer

Biomedical engineering facts for kids

All About Civil Engineering Civil engineers create and improve the infrastructure of our towns and cities.

What Is Civil Engineering? See what civil engineers do, meet a few, and learn about how they became successful builders and planners.

What Is Environmental Engineering? Environmental engineers work hard to keep our air and water free from pollution.

What Is Chemical Engineering? Chemical engineering often focuses on designing ways to scale chemical processes to make them more efficient for manufacturers.

Ten Famous Chemical Engineers: Learn about ten scientists who changed the field of chemical engineering.

What Mechanical Engineers Do? Mechanical engineers design tools and machines and make existing implements work more efficiently.

Nikola Tesla: A Famous Mechanical Engineer.

Agricultural engineers focus on technology that improves the efficiency of growing crops, including irrigation systems and harvesting machinery.

Crash Course: Electrical Engineering: Watch this video to learn all about what electrical engineering has accomplished.

The Easiest Way To Introduce Woodworking To Kids

Eight ways to introduce kids to STEM at an early age

Other Science Centres
- Canadian Association of Science Centres member information and science related links from across Canada - The Exploration Place – Prince George, British Columbia - Science World – Vancouver, British Columbia - Telus World of Science – Edmonton, Alberta - A teacher resource, including science related curriculum - This site lists "brainteasers, home science experiments, magic tricks, and jokes, all designed for fun with a scientific twist" and is appropriate for kids up to about grade 7 - Astronomy Picture of the Day - Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics and You... - Exploratorium: Hands-on Activities

Science Supplies - Arbor Scientific Home - Educational Innovations  - Boreal Laboratories: On-line Catalog:

misc. - Thompson Rivers University. Located at Kamloops in central BC – we have the program for you whether it is technical, vocational and degree in nature – visit our website for more - Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada - The official web site of the U.S. based National science Foundation

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