Welcome to the Stream to Sea Program

Getting Help and Technical Assistance

There are many places to get assistance; The first one being this website. Check the Stream to Sea Tank page for more resources. If you have an emergency or cannot find what you need here, you should contact the Program Coordinator or DFO Community Advisor. (See below)

You can also download the Classroom Incubation Procedures Manual. This excellent resource includes information on tank set up and maintenance, water exchanges, biological filters, stages of development, etc.


Joanne Nicklas


Former District Resource Teacher
Tel: 250-554 2572

Gord Stewart


Big Little Science Centre
Tel 250 554 2572
Cell 250 319 0689

Melissa Hack

Melissa Community Advisor
Fisheries & Oceans Canada
Tel: (250) 851-4954
Cell (250) 319-7467