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Students Releasing Salmon

Your day at Pine Park is the culmination of many months of raising your salmon. This is release day, a day where you and your students have fun while learning about salmon habitat.As well as being a "hands on" day; you will be releasing your salmon fry into Tranquille River, working in a stream model with water and dirt and hiking through the area surrounding Pine Park.  If you wish you can download the following booklet that provides a general explanation of the activities that both you and your students can expect to experience during your visit to Pine Park. Welcome to Pine Park Booklet.

If you would like to quiz your students after the release day two quizzes are provided below. The Level 1 quiz is best for Primary students and the Level 2 quiz is best for intermediate students. There is also a worksheet for the day.

Pine Park Quiz Level 1

Pine Park Quiz Level 2

Worksheet - Submitted by S. McGarry

Watch ?Tranquille Creek May 2016? on Vimeo - Submitted by Joe McGarry

If you have to clean your tank and are not sure how. Here are the instructions

If you would like a bit of information on the "golden" history of the Tranquille area you can follow this link.