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"Scales to Tales" work sheets

FOC information on aquatic insects

FOC information on aquatic insects' life cycles

Fraser Sockeye Return Data (1952-2015): Graph , Data

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Dissection Chart for Dissections led by Joanne Nicklas Download

Salmon Dissection Fish and Evolution Inquiry outline - Contributed by Domenic Comita.
Project slidescontributed by one of Dominics students

Salmon ATU Booklet

Primary Salmon Diary Word. Primary Salmon Diary PDF- shared by Gerry Ramsay

A.T.U. calendar in MS Word. A.T.U. calendar in PDF -  contributed by Julie Rymer

Against All Odds A unit to teach the salmon lifestyle and many more related topics. Contributed by Amanda Brennan and Lisa Carr. (note: some links only available to SD73 members)

Needs of the Salmon worksheet

Problems Faced by Salmon Worksheet

Salmon Lifecycle Cube

Interior Species Cube

Stream Scene Cube

Blank Cube

Button Blanket Salmon Thank you to Stacey

Origami fortune teller "Habitat Problems Faced by Interior Coho". Sheet. Folding instructions .

Origami fortune teller "Salmon Species-Lifecycle". Sheet. Folding instructions .

Coyote and the Salmon as told by the ancestors of the Secwepemc and re-told by Kenthen Thomas. Illustrations by Pam Richards.

Skeena Wild.

Salmon Dissection Website Step by step guide.

Sharks, Skates and Rays PDF Basking Shark colouring sheet

Add some fins! Paint it like a salmon.Fish toilet paper roll!

Stream Care Booklet Activities: Master Copy
Cloze activity with Illustrations
Missing Illustrations and Titles
Missing Illustrations

BC Green Games

SalmonWILD For for anyone interested in learning about the intriguing world of salmon, the NatureKids BC has brought together fascinating and fun-filled facts to help you on your way. In SalmonWILD you’ll learn about salmon lifecycles and discover how salmon navigate back to their home stream. You’ll connect with First Nations salmon culture and discover how salmon are vital to the Circle of Life. You’ll learn where to find salmon and where to find more information about salmon. You can get involved in helping protect salmon and their habitat by diving into some of the stewardship activities and get inspired for action by reading about our salmon champion professionals and children in the field.

Earth Day Activities

From the Recycling and Environmental Action Planning Society, Prince George, BC PDFs here

Information on Ocean Plastics


Some Links:

Living Oceans org - Clear the Coast Program link.

Ocecan Conservancey org - Fighting for Trash Free Seas® link.

“Boyan Slat” (from Holland) the same teenager that you heard about a few years ago who came up with a passive design that uses the ocean’s currents to corral the plastic for collection. He designed a passive system for concentrating and catching plastic debris driven by ocean currents. This won a prize for Best Technical Design at Delft University of Technology and he has established a foundation — The Ocean Cleanup — to further develop and eventually implement the technology. Initially, there was little interest, because it would only clean 5% of the plastics in our oceans, but, since his TEDx talk, How the Oceans can Clean Themselves, went viral, he has attracted thousands of volunteers and $2M of funding for pilot installations. In November 2014, he won the Champions of the Earth award of the United Nations Environment Programme. Based on his analysis of the quality of the plastic they will be able to recover this idea will actually make money buy recycling and turning some of the plastic back into oil at a cost which is less than oil from the tar sands.
His 11 minute TED talk would be a good presentation for the older students/adults who are interested: link
The plan is to begin sea trials of his invention this year off Japan. An in 2020 the plan is to launch a full scale 100km long net capture and containment system between Hawaii and California to tackle the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. link
Also, here is a 2014 Interview with the now ~21 year old inventor: link

Smartboard & Web Links

How Fish Get Oxygen Link

Groundwater Pollution Link

Something Fishy Link

Allegheny College PA Aquatic Insect Information Link

Storm Drains Link

Living Things Link

Salmon Eggs Hatching at the Seymour Hatchery -  YouTube

Salmon life cycle song - YouTube

Kids, Creeks and Nature - YouTube

Exploring The Great Bear Sea - Link

Christmas Island Turtle and Plastics - Link